10 Ideas for Easily Addressing the Problem of Frugal, yet Functional Home Decor for Any Season

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on home decor in order to make your space feel fresh and new. There are plenty of ways you can upgrade your decor for under $100, but with just a little bit more effort than just choosing one thing from the store. In this blog post we’re going to go over ten ideas that will help you easily address the problem of frugal yet functional home décor!

– Paint is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to update your look. You can choose any color you want, but I recommend choosing ones that feel clean, bright or neutral depending on what kind of décor style you’re looking for.

1) A fresh coat of paint: If you don’t like painting everything white (or off-white), consider adding a pop of color to one specific piece. For example, you could paint an accent wall in your bedroom red or blue and then continue the colors throughout with sheets, lighting fixtures etc.

2) Use what you already have: Look around your house before buying anything else- there’s probably something in there that would work perfectly for your space!

3) Repurpose: If you’re not feeling particularly creative when it comes to decorating on a budget, just think about what’s already around you that can be used for other purposes. Just because what you have does not fit the aesthetic you are going for does not mean you can’t update it to fit your goal aesthetic with little work.

4) Make it yourself: Don’t be afraid to get crafty if you’re trying to save some cash. The Internet is full of DIY inspiration if you don’t have the necessary skills to pull off a certain look. These items typically use dollar store items and a little elbow grease.

5) Change out your pillows: getting new pillows, buying pillow covers, or making your own custom pillow covers (depending on how skilled you are at sewing) is a simple and easy way to change decor with each season or even as your aesthetic changes. Too often we try to pick one style that will stay in our home forever when we can focus on a style that is easily modified with small changes to update throughout the years without replacing everything in your home. After all, there’s nothing like coming home to a fresh update and feeling like your home is new again.

6) Pictures and Wooden Signs: While these take up a bit more space and planning you can easily swap out paintings, pictures, and wooden signs with the season. Keep a few staples that stay up year round or change less often (every 3-6 months) and some that are reserved for holiday or season specific items that change more frequently. I have done this slowly and purposefully by adding an item or two when I see something I like in Home Goods, Home Sense, Etsy, or a local craft market with custom wooden signs that I have in my area. I prefer to support small or local businesses and creators when I can.

7) Blankets or Throws: You can swap out a throw blanket on your couch to maintain the cozy and welcoming feeling while celebrating whatever the season holds. The great thing about this tip is throw blankets do not have to be expensive and you can find one in any budget. If you are super low-budget try making your own or seeing what is available at re-seller shops and sites. You might be surprised to find that blanket you had been eyeing at a fraction of the cost.

8) Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper: If you’re a renter you might feel stuck since you are limited on what options you can implement. Removable wallpaper has improved ten-fold in recent years and can be applied and removed multiple times with no damage to the wall. Just make sure you read the directions and ensure you are using removable wallpaper. You cut shapes like arches or ovals out of the paper to create a custom design without the custom painter price tag or forfeiting your security deposit. Many times landlords will let you paint if you agree to re-paint before you leave to a neutral color. Not all landlords will, but if you’ve rented for several years and have no plans to move that is another option if you really want that fresh paint look and are a renter.

9) Painted Furniture: If you really cannot paint and are too afraid to use the peel and stick wallpaper consider painting your furniture. A dresser with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware can look fresh and new while adding color to a room without painting or damaging walls. Just be sure to use tarps and care when painting or paint outside to ensure limited mess and easier clean up.

10) Figures or models: Using 1-2 figures like the deer figures in my 8 Amazon Christmas Finds Post can be an easy and cost-effective way to change decor without going overboard. I incorporate this method into all of my home decor items because it adds something fun to my decor and typically those items are $7-$30 so there are options in every budget.

Easy, right? Now it’s your turn to get creative! I’ve got plenty more ideas for how you can easily upgrade your home decor on my blog! To make sure you do not miss any tips or updates in recent posts be sure to subscribe or follow.

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